Soft Skill Training

Professional Skills Development – A practical Approach

Course Contents –

1.       Entry behavior test              –       

To gauge the basic understanding of the students to decide further course of action and decide the areas required to be paid more attention. (This test will evaluate students on their English language skills, Group skills, Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills)                              

2.       Grammar refresher                –       

The basics of the grammar like Tenses, formation of questions etc.  , active / passive voice etc.                                                   

3.       Communication Basics           –       

  • Need of Communication
  • Theory of Communication (In Brief)
  • Written Communication (e-mail writing)
  • Oral Communication-Practical English speaking Practical approach
  • Nonverbal Communication

4.       Communication and Conversation Styles                  –       

  •           Ice breaking techniques
  •           Public Speaking

5.       Practice Session

          GD, PI, Written Communication

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