Technical Training

Technical Training Program are designed to prepare IT industry ready resources      

based on

The report of NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the IT and ITES Sector ( Year 2022)

Major Skill requirements and skill gaps in the IT Industry as per report ‘Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the IT and ITES Sector’ are  –    

  • ABILITY TO THINK logically/analytically as derived from educational background (and demonstrated by academic track record)
  • BASIC     PROGRAMMING     SKILLS    proficiency     in     at     least     one  language /platform ( C, C++,  Java   or  .Net framework)
  • ABILITY       TO       THINK       BEYOND –      ‘Programming’    and    acclimatize  with the concept of ‘Software Engineering’ and ‘Systems Thinking’

Courses Offered

  • C Programming                                                                  (90 hours)

Introduction , Operators, Program Control, Pointers, Functions, Recursion, Arrays using Pointers, Structures, Union, File handling

  • Operating Systems Concepts                                    (60 hours)

Overview of OS, Processes, Scheduling & Synchronization, Memory management, File Systems, Inter – Process Communication,

  • OOPs with C++ Programming                                  (90 Hours)  

Object oriented concepts : Classes and Objects, Access Specifiers, Overloading, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Operators, Static Members, Constant Members, Expressions, Control Structure, Constructors, ,Destructors, Memory Management and pointers, Inheritance, Virtual Functions, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Working with files, Advance Topics in C++

  • Data Structures                                                         (60 Hours)  

Introductory Concepts, Abstract Data Types (ADTs) , Basic Data Structures: Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked lists, Introduction to trees, Abstract trees, Tree traversals, Binary trees, Search trees, AVL trees, Searching & sorting algorithms, Application of Data structures

  • Database Technologies                                               (80 Hours)  

Database Concepts: Client/Server Computing, DBMS/ RDBMS Technologies, Codd’s Rules, Data Models, Normalization Techniques, ER Diagrams

SQL : Overview of OORD, DDL, DML and DCL, Tables, Indexes and Views, Clusters, Sequences and Snapshots, Cursors, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Packages,

  • Java Technologies-I( Core Java)                                        (80 Hours)  

Data Types, Operators and Language, Constructs, Inner Classes and Inheritance, Interface and Package, Exceptions, Collections, Threads, Java.lang, Java.util, Java.awt, , Java Persistent, Servlets, Java Virtual Machine